Trip with MS Expedition August 2016
21st September 2016

In my new gallery titled Trip with MS Expedition August 2016 I would like to share the magical things I have seen while on a trip with MS Expedition around Svalbard.
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Photos form 2014
09th April 2015
In the gallery titled Latest photos I have a selection from my photos taken last year. I hope you will enjoy looking at them just as much as I have enjoyed taking them.
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Facelift to the website
19th August 2014
A major update and rearrangement of my website is going to take place in the next few weeks.
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Some more very popular photos
19th August 2013

The Most popular and best selling photos has been updated with the latest photos which has proven to be very popular.
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The shop has opened
06th December 2012

The new shop on my website has opened! Please check out all the items on offer at the moment which you can purchase online. There will be an ever changing selections of items, so keep coming back for a visit. The Shop. You also might want to visit the Print Shop.
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Technicolour Svalbard
23rd November 2012

Some people say that the Svalbard is landscape is boring. I think they must have been to a different Svalbard than where I am living. You can decide for yourself, who is right or who is wrong if you look at the Colours of Svalbard album.
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Summer is here again
07th July 2012

After a long winter the summer is finally here. If you want to see what summer is like here, have a look at the latest photos in the Summer magic album.
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and the uploads continue...
05th October 2011

Another bunch of summer memories to share with you in the June - July 2001 portfolio.
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Summer is over
03rd October 2011

After a busy summer, now I again have the chance to share some of my photos with you. Winter is coming fast and it is nice to look through all the sunny summer shots I took. The first uploads are in the April - May 2011 gallery.
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March 2011
15th April 2011

This month pictures are the creation of a different artist. Nature. High winds and snowstorms created these photos. Have a look at nature's artwork in the March portfolio.
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Another year started
03rd April 2011

New year, new photos. Hope you will enjoy following this year's events and changes through my photos, just as you did last year. You can find the first ones here.
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Last photos from 2010
06th March 2011
I finally finished catching up with last year's photos. If you like sealpups, you will like these photosin the April and May portfolios.
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More catching up
13th December 2010
The dark days are very long so I have been looking at my old photos and discovered some which were left out from previous portfolio. I found that I haven't showed you photos from the trips in March.
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Christmas time and other things
13th December 2010
Christmas time has arrived and the town celebrates it accordingly. You can have a look at the latest photos here. Also had some catch up time with some summer photos which you can have a look at here.
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The darkness has arrived
24th November 2010
In the latest portfolio you can find pictures from the beginning of the winter period and photos of the Northen light.
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New portfolio uploaded
20th October 2010
The latest portfolio contains photos from my stay in Farmhamna in August. Please have a look and hope you will like the photos from this wonderful time I had.
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Back in Svalbard
13th October 2010
After a five weeks trip which involved driving across most of Europe and crossing the Polar Circle by car, I am now back in my favourite place in the world: Svalbard.
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Summer in Svalbard
19th July 2010
Summer has arrived to Svalbard with all it's beauty.
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New photos uploaded
06th May 2010
In the latest portfolio you can find images from the 2010 Ta Sjansen! sledge and ski race.
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Online sales is now live
02nd May 2010
The online sales facilty has now been set up on the website. You can purchase prints from any of the photos in any of the galleries. Read about some more details in this news item.
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